World Wide Friesian Tour 2022

As the first horsebreed community in history, the friesian lovers around the world will come together and do something that´s never been done before! 

Together we´ll walk, ride, drive, longrein or bike with a purebred friesian, and do a whole lap around the world- All 40 075 kilometers! How?? By using an app to register the distance (at least 5 kilometers) and then register that distance on the World Wide Friesian Tour´s facebook page, you´re joining us! It´s that easy!

You´ll have the chance to meet new friesian friends around the world and perhapes find relatives to your friesian!

Sweden did this last year, and managed to do the length of Sweden (1572 kilometers) in only 47 days!!

We have 300 days to do 40 075 kilometers, until the Stallion Inspection in Leeuwarden 2023.
That´s the goal. 

We can do this! 

Are you up for the challange??
 Join us on Facebook!!


Join us on Facebook and be a part of the community that´ll bring our friesians together, around the world!

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